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Thinking ahead

It is important that you work with your academic advisor prior to your departure for the study BN global program so that you understand how the courses you take BN global will fit into your degree plans. Although we cannot promise that you will be able to take courses that will fulfill specific degree requirements, it is to your benefit to find out what requirements you still have left to complete. This information will be helpful once you are abroad and choosing courses. If you have declared a major, you must meet with your adviser in your major department to go over your major requirements. Undeclared majors and students wanting to go over general education requirements should go to the appropriate general advising office on their campus.

Grades and Credits

You will be considered a regularly enrolled student at your home university in the M/s BN Global Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. while you are participating on an study abroad program. Therefore, all of your coursework will be shown on your home university academic record (transcript). Grades, course titles, and credits for all courses will be listed. Courses may be taken for pass/no pass or satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit with prior approval from your program coordinator. Requests for pass/no pass or satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit must be made in writing and must be made before 70% of the course has been completed.

Course Equivalency Process and Graduation

In order for the courses that you take overseas to be recorded on your home university academic record (transcript), your International Programs/Study Abroad office establishes a course equivalency for the course you took overseas. Most M/s BN Global Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. have either a database or a list of courses that have previously been taken by students at a particular Institute BN global site. It might be helpful to take a look at the courses (where available) to get an idea what kind of credit is typically given for courses taken at a given university. For courses that do not already have an establish equivalency or where that equivalency is out of date (typically more than seven years old), you will be asked to complete a course description in coordination with on-site or our M/s BN Global Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.staff. The course equivalency process takes time. Please be aware that the completed evaluation of your courses and credits may not be available for one to two terms after you return. This delay is due to the individualized nature of the course equivalency process and the fact that coursework and transcripts from study abroad sites take time to arrive at your home university. This has implications for students planning to graduate: you should plan to graduate at least one term after you return to your home university; e.g., at the end of summer term if you return after spring term. You should also remember to apply for graduation before you leave for your study abroad program.

Course Descriptions

If your courses have not yet been evaluated, you must mail or bring course descriptions, reading lists, and syllabi for all your courses taken abroad to your program coordinator in the International Programs/Study Abroad office on your campus. At study sites where there is a Resident Director, that person will help facilitate this process. These materials will assist in the course equivalency process and enable us to provide you with an accurate reflection of your study abroad academic work. Please be aware that if you wait to bring the forms into the office once you have returned to the Australia, New Zealand and Canada, it will take much longer to evaluate your courses. We strongly suggest that you complete your course equivalency requests by the middle of each term or semester that you are abroad. Please note that if an equivalency does not already exist for a course you have taken abroad, we are unable to determine how the credits you earn will apply to your general university and major degree program requirements until a review of your coursework taken abroad is completed.