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Global Career Abroad Services also provides high class consultancy for immigration to Australia / New Zealand / Canada and other Countries. Consultants of this firm are registered Migration Agent and thus prepare Visa Applications in accordance with the law.

The first step towards filing Visa Application is assessment of the candidate to assess his eligibility for the Visa, he is applying for.

Once we have assessed your eligibility, the next step will be filling your Visa Application for a particular Visa on your behalf. Before filling such Visa Applications we give proper advice to our clients with regard to:-

  • Skill assessment and Visa requirement
  • Assistance in filling application form properly
  • Advice on necessary supporting documents to be accompanied with Visa Application form.
  • Give proper advice with regard to various Assessing Authorities of the Australian Govt.
  • Follow up of the Application with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and keeps the client informed about the progress of his case.
  • In the interest of our client, we remain in touch with various assessing authorities and immigrations officers and keep of informing the client of progress in his case.
  • Provide guidance to our prospective clients about the financial documents to be submitted with Visa Application form.