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Training & Placement

In Australia each and every international students is legally allowed to earn and work for twenty hours in a week. On all holidays every student is allowed to work for unlimited hours.

BN Global Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Australia helps in acquiring Training and Placement for its international students. We only make efforts in placing students to work and earn but we don't guarntee it at any stage.

The objective of Training is to help the students to develop receptive minds which can enable them to have meaningful interpersonal relationships, emotionally satisfying attachments and bring about balance between needs, capabilities and opportunities.

The purpose of the placements is to help them to become a productive member of the knowledge society and thereby pave way for fulfilling the sociogenic motive of self actualization. The Training and Placement Function is coordinated through the Proffesional attached to BN Global Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Australia.